Smokefree Outdoor Places

Research tells us that the more children are around those who smoke, the more likely they are to take up smoking themselves.

That’s why it’s so important that outdoor public places are Smokefree. This includes areas such as parks, playgrounds, sportsgrounds, beaches, outdoor dining, and pedestrian malls.

Internationally Smokefree outdoor public places are not new

In Australia and the United States, many outdoor public places have been Smokefree for many years. Most states in Australia have Smokefree policies in place for public places such as parks, playgrounds, sportsgrounds and beaches. Brisbane established Smokefree outdoor dining in 2006 and the popular Queens Mall became Smokefree in 2011. Hobart introduced Smokefree outdoor dining in 2011 and Melbourne is currently trialing a Smokefree laneway off busy Collins Street.

Partnerships as Pathways to Smokefree 2025

This seminar for Elected Members, Council Policy Leads and Managers and Public health staff took place on 21st September 2015.

The seminar was a timely reflection on positive progress made towards the 2025 goal and the challenges that lie ahead.

Find out more about this seminar to progress towards Smokefree 2025.

Progress towards Smokefree public places in New Zealand

Palmerston North announced a Smokefree central city area in December 2013, supported through signs and promotion.

Auckland is making similar moves towards a Smokefree city. The Council has adopted a three phase smokefree policy. The intention is that all public places including outdoor eating areas will be Smokefree by May 2018.

In New Zealand, Smokefree outdoor public places policies are usually voluntary policies. This means that the policy cannot be enforced but is promoted and encouraged to the community through education and signage.


The Smokefree Policies of Canterbury Councils

Part of Smokefree Canterbury’s role is to work with the local Canterbury councils on smokefree outdoor places policy. All the Canterbury councils now have some sort of Smokefree outdoor public places policy for their parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds.

Susi Haberstock from Kaikoura District Council with Heather Kimber from Smokefree Canterbury in one of Kaikoura's smokefree playgrounds.Smokefree Canterbury recently worked with the Kaikoura District Council on the implementation and review of their current Smokefree policy for their parks and playgrounds.
Community Development Officer Susi Haberstock says that “working with Smokefree Canterbury enabled me to understand the Smokefree message and get the tools to facilitate this through the council. I look forward to working further with Smokefree Canterbury as the Council moves into reviewing the current Smokefree policy and to look at other smokefree options”.

The Waimakariri District Council introduced their Smokefree policy for 12 high profile playgrounds in May 2013.

SF PlaygroundsIn June 2009 the Christchurch City Council launched its smokefree policy for all parks, playgrounds, sports grounds and council events.

The Selwyn District Council adopted its smokefree outdoor public places policy in December 2011.
View the Selwyn Smokefree outdoor policy and how it is implemented.

In total there are 12 Councils in the Canterbury/ West Coast region that have Smokefree outdoor areas policies. Smokefree Coalitions on the West Coast, and in Mid Canterbury and South Canterbury work with their councils on Smokefree initiatives like Smokefree Canterbury does.

Resources to support adoption of Smokefree Outdoor Policies

Steps to SF CantyDownload a copy of the pamphlet "Steps to a Smokefree Canterbury".

Smokefree Canterbury surveyed 800 people in Canterbury and the West Coast in 2014 about what they thought of Smokefree Community Spaces. The results might surprise you!

Download the infographic of the Smokefree Community Spaces Regional Survey 2014 [PDF].
Download the summary of the Smokefree Community Spaces Regional Survey 2014 [PDF].

Become a community advocate for Smokefree public places

Want to know more or like to help? Would you like to advocate for Smokefree public places in your community?

Contact Smokefree Canterbury for more information or the Cancer Society (03 379 5835).

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